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My name is Francesco and I am an independent Cyber Security Researcher and Developer.

The first thing I learnt about computer is how to run Prince of Persia in MS-DOS when I was 3 years old (I was just typing the correct key sequence).

The real passion for the IT world came out ten years later when I began learning the C language, which is still my favorite way to create software.

My main interests today are intelligence collection and analysis, distributed systems and malwares. I strongly trust and recommend open source software and after writing my own Tor client I contributed to the Tor project.
Another contribution was also given to the mbedTLS project.

During my work experience I learnt how to assess applications vulnerabilities, to pentest systems and to collect and analyze data to prevent intrusions for enterprises and military / law enforcement organizations.

Despite my realistic vision of obstacles I always invest maximum effort in what I believe to be right and I enjoy testing myself to overcome my limits.

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