IT Security

Francesco's skills and experience on the field.


Francesco Pompo' is an IT Security Expert.
He hates to define himself as "expert", because he thinks people who works with him should. The purpose of this description is to only give an idea.

The real passion for the IT world came out when he was 13 and started to learn the C language, which is still his favorite way to create software.
His programming skills made him able to perform a training course about Arduino and a public speech about TOR in collaboration with the Orvieto LUG.

His main interests are intelligence collection and analysis, distributed systems and malwares. Francesco strongly trusts and recommends open source software and after writing his own TOR client he contributed to the original TOR Project. A minimal contribution was also given to the mbedTLS project.

While working as Penetration Tester at a well-known italian cyber security company he learned how to correctly search for and report vulnerabilities in customers' platforms by using both automated tools and manual intervention.
After switching to the Security Analyst position he acquired necessary skills to analyze large amounts of data and to write custom solutions about it.

Despite his realistic vision of obstacles he always puts maximum energies in what he thinks is right and always enjoys to put himself to the test.
Being logic is Francesco's best method to face problems and to resolve them.


DOT Project: General purpose TOR gateway. Coming soon..

libp2p: Easily implement P2P protocols.

Frontiera: Asynchronous, lightweight, perimeter proxy.

PizzaStream: Create on-demand torrent to http streams.

docker-mailserver: Fully working mail server based on dovecot and postfix.

Blockchain torrent Bitcoin Blockchain torrent updated to 26 February 2016


TOR Talk @ Linux Day Orvieto 2015